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NTS Ultrasonics has been designing products and providing consulting services to users of both low and high power ultrasonics since the mid-1980s. Although the business is physically located in Perth, Western Australia, a high proportion of our work comes from other countries. NTS Ultrasonics has supplied products to clients in many countries including the USA, Japan, Greece, Poland, Germany, and Italy.

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About Us
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NTS Ultrasonics Pty Ltd, Perth, Western Australia,  Tel: +61 8 9367 1578, Email: ntsu@ntsu.net.au
NTS Ultrasonics Pty Ltd
Location:        Perth, Western Australia
Email:              ntsu@ntsu.net.au
Phone Intl:      +61 8 9367 1578
Phone Aust:   (08) 9367 1578
Special interest: ultrasonic rail flaw detection

John Norman has had an ongoing interest in ultrasonic rail flaw detection, starting back the late 1970s when he worked for the Ultrasound Australia/Aldetec group of companies. His initial role was to carry out R&D into aspects of ultrasonic rail flaw detection, and later into aerospace focussed ultrasonic C scan systems and ultrasonic inspection systems in steel mills. He worked on the first ultrasonic rail flaw detection systems in the world to use on-board computers, and was involved in developing software algorithms for the automatic real-time classification of defects found during ultrasonic rail inspections. He was a member of, or lead, teams designing and building a number of ultrasonic rail flaw detection systems.

For many years he has worked as a consultant, from time to time working with Australian and overseas companies involved with ultrasonic rail flaw detection. He has investigated various technical matters including stress measurement, overloading, detection of rail defects, and improving technology for rail flaw detection. He has also been engaged by railroads to carry out a variety of tasks including reviewing investigation reports, reviewing rail flaw detection standards, and providing technical advice on various matters related to ultrasonic rail flaw detection.
John Norman, the Director of NTS Ultrasonics, is a Physicist (UWA) with over 30 years experience in the development and application of ultrasonic technology. He is an independant researcher and consultant with expertise in the detail of ultrasonic technologies including electronic, software, and hardware design. He has particular experience in ultrasonic rail flaw detection, computer controlled instrumentation design for ultrasonic NDT, and electronic and transducer design for high power ultrasonics.

John is an active member of the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT), having served at various times as Federal Treasurer, Federal Councillor, and WA Branch President. He is also a member of the IEEE (UFFC), ASNT, the British Institute of NDT, and the Acoustical Society of America.
John Norman